Das Centre for Atlantic and Global Studies präsentiert das neue Grundlagenwerk für das Studium der lateinamerikanischen Geschichte

The Center for Atlantic and Global Studies presents the new fundamental work for the study of Latin American history

The CAGS is pleased to point out the new publications by Prof. Dr. Christine Hatzky, spokeswoman for the CAGS, and Prof. Dr. Barbara Potthast (University of Cologne):

Lateinamerika 1800-1930 (Oldenbourg Grundriss der Geschichte Band 48; published on 4 October 2021)  and
Lateinamerika seit 1930 (Oldenbourg Grundriss der Geschichte Band 48; tob e published in November 2021).

The introductory publications offer a comprehensive insight into the History of the Latin American continent from the emergence of states after independence, through the turning point of the global economic crisis into the 21st century. They analyse the central social, economic and political processes and also deal with relevant historical and social debates as well as developments in cultural history.